Olivia Campbell on her experience in the lab during “Engineers in Scrubs”

Over the years, the NINET lab has aspired to develop collaborations with engineering programs at UBC. Physics Engineering students have completed their capstone projects in the lab. Recently, the lab joined the Engineers in Scrubs program, part of the School of Biomedical Engineering at UBC. In this program, graduate students in the SBME do rotations in clinical settings where biomedical engineering plays a relevant role. I felt the lab had a rich environment to offer to students and we signed up to host our first cohort of students.

The experience proved to be a rather rewarding one. From my vantage point, I gain excellent insights on their perspective as future biomedical engineers, and their questions inspired me to think further about potential projects for the lab on the interface between clinical research and biomedical engineering.

Graduate student Oliva Campbell created this amazing poster where she reflects on her experience and the questions it inspired.

We look forward to future cohorts of SBME students and continue fostering interactions with members of the UBC community outside of our immediate clinical-research arena. This url does not meet the site security guidelines.