Counselling Services

Are you feeling sad, overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious?

Are you currently facing challenges dealing with loss, grief, trauma, and other mental health issues?

If so, you might like to consider counselling.

Susana Farinha, MC, RCC










Susana is a registered clinical counsellor experienced in assisting with life crises, anxiety, stress, depression, grief and loss. She is passionate about trauma and attachment informed practices. Susana has a professional background as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist for over 15 years in Lisbon. In Canada, she pursued a master’s in counselling and completed her internship with Moving Forward Family Services in Surrey.

Since then, she has been offering counselling services with the organization, sharing the same mission and vision, “providing counselling to the most vulnerable.” She works with a diverse population experiencing multiple challenges in their lives. She offers services to youth, adults, and couples in English and Portuguese.

Outside the counselling field, she collaborates in leadership programs for young people and in parent’s discussion groups.